How to Choose the Best Email Hosting Service for Your Business

06 January 2022

Choosing the best email hosting service for your business is an important step in ensuring that you can stay connected with your customers, partners, and employees. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve got a few questions to help guide your decision.

8 Factors to Consider

1. Storage

Does it come with enough storage? Look for providers that can offer mailbox and cloud storage that match your business’s needs and day-to-day operations. Those offering 2GB of mail storage to unlimited storage are ideal if you prefer to archive emails and not delete them.

2. Attachment size limit

Does it let you attach and send large files with ease? If you or your employees frequently share large files, it’s worth choosing a service with a big enough attachment limit.

3. Number of users

How many people are going to use it? Select providers that can cater to how big or small your organisation is. There are service providers for every business size, whether you’re planning to enrol 1,000 users or prefer to have an unlimited number of accounts.

4. Customisation

Will it let you personalise email addresses? Customised business email domains lend credibility to your organisation and add a layer of protection to help keep your private data secure. With services that offer customisation, you also get a business email that lets you establish your brand and online presence.

5. Cybersecurity features

Does it come with features that help protect against malicious attacks? Today, many businesses, from small companies to large enterprises, are prioritising data security by implementing sound cybersecurity strategies. This extends to email hosting. If you’re aiming to keep your data safe and confidential, consider a host that can block spam and phishing emails, as well as scan for malware.

6. Cybersecurity features

Is it scalable? The right host should be able to offer you servers that cater to your current needs and future growth. If your business wants to start with POP/IMAP configuration but wants to scale up for high-volume applications in the future, consider providers that enable scalability.

7. Cybersecurity features

Does it fit your budget? You may be asking, “How much does a business email cost?” With the wide array of options today, pricing can range from approximately £1 to £100 per user per month. It’s best to choose a service that accommodates your budget while still giving you the email hosting features you want.

8. Cybersecurity features

What kind of customer support does it come with? Customer support is an integral component in choosing an email hosting service. Should you encounter problems with the service, the support team must be reliable enough to help you resolve any issues.

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