Why relevant content on your site is important

Why relevant content on your site is important

Recently, web design trends have placed emphasis on making websites more visual and doing away with a lot of content. While this will make for a very attractive website, it could end up hurting your rankings on search engines. Having a site that looks good doesn’t always get you noticed.

Content is hugely relevant, not only for search engines but also for people visiting the site as well. Here we are going to look at a few of the reasons why relevant content on your website is so important.


What is an SSL Certificate and why does your website need it?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and serves as additional security for your site. If your website has an SSL Certificate, data and any sensitive information that is passing between server and browser are protected and unavailable for interception by the third party.

Simply put, an SSL Certificate is that extra layer of security that secures the transfer of valuable information between two parties and websites which have an SSL Certificate have their addresses starting with https://.

Top 5 Reasons why your business needs a website

Top 5 Reasons why your business needs a website

If you are looking to develop your brand and increase your digital presence, conduct online marketing and capture customers, the first step is to build a website for your business.

There are many reasons as to why online visibility is vital; here are the top five:

Is your website mobile friendly?

Nowadays, everyone spends time on their mobile; so much more than desktops (excluding in the workplace, of course).

If you want your business website to be as efficient as possible and reach maximum audiences, ensuring it’s mobile friendly should be number one on your list.

There’s a few ways in which you can do this, and it’s easier than you think.